Sumi Restaurant Interior Design

It is pronounced - so͞omē Sumi means black ink, originating from the Japanese culture. We were responsible for the conceptualisation and entire interior of this fine dining restaurant. We also designed the artwork and were responsible for choosing all crockery and cutlery and uniforms.

Luxury, Privacy, Relaxation and food handled with respect are key elements of the dining experience at Sumi. The robata grill is located as a centre focal point forming the main design element in the restaurant. Robata " Robatayaki" which originates from the Japanese fishermen who would cook their fish on their boats with charcoal and then share the food with one another using their oars. The Robata is not just a feature, the robata is the beating heart of Sumi, the area from which all energy flows, a energy of warmth and enjoyment while the guests admire the respect given to food. This is the sophisticated twist on the original Japanese style of eating and drinking.

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