Le Mont

Le Mont is a townhouse development in Avis, Windhoek with 50 units of various sizes.

We do a lot of work for this developer and although it is usually high-density developments, we always strive to design complexes that allow the inhabitants some degree of privacy, shaded outdoor areas with a small garden and pleasant public, shared spaces.

The units facing the Klein Windhoek River are larger, each with a small splash pool in the garden.

Materials were kept simple and robust. Pitched corrugated sheeting roofs, plastered walls and some red clay brick infill panels set the tone for this development. Colours are limited to stone and charcoal coloured walls with white accents. We also added shutters to all windows.

Interior spaces are generous and space is optimally utilised.

The site is a previously open space next to the Klein Windhoek River and the developer had to construct a new bridge to connect the site with the existing Avis road. Extensive flood studies were done and the entire site was elevated above the flood lines.

We tried to retain as many of the existing Soetdoring trees on the site. The developer also replaced the ones that had to be removed with newly planted ones and then some more.

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