Ondondu Village

A townhouse……. is a townhouse …….. is a townhouse. This is often true, but sometimes the combination of client requirements, terrain and the presence of an existing building make it possible to create an urban environment that is enriched by the variety of forms, levels and vistas.

A palette of standard materials was selected for the construction of the units. In addition, the major elements were expressed in similar fashion to ensure visual harmony within the community, but still allowing each unit to express individuality.

Red clay bricks, galvanised corrugated sheeting, unpainted mild steel structural elements and glass were used as the major materials. Being familiar and unpretentious, and in combination with a significant number of natural rocky outcrops, it provides the envelope of a residential environment where each unit can express its own personality in response to individual needs.

The detailing of how elements and materials are assembled and finished was similarly kept simple and robust. Mono-pitched corrugated sheeting roofs create the appearance of a thin membrane floating above the textured walls, enhanced by high level glazing between wall and roof, shaded by large overhangs, to create airy and light interiors. Deep-set verandahs provide shade and the mark the entrances to the individual units.

Each unit faces onto the common area, with a deep and shaded entrance verandah acting as the gentle and welcoming transition zone between the public “village space” and the private interior. The private interiors all lead onto court yards as private exterior spaces.


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